Lessons From a Football Team


Today’s lesson…. lesson from the team.

These pictures are of my sons team. I believe there are 28 players. You see in August kids that want to play show up for conditioning and then they move right into learning plays and getting ready for their first game.

During this time the coaches look at skill levels to determine where kids should play. In reality it doesn’t make much sense to place a child where they will not be effective. They are placed in a position based on skill level and strength. These positions are not selected based on age, race, religion, or political preference because the ultimate goal is to WIN!

I must say they have done great in working together using their talents and showing team work because they are undefeated. So I thought we could learn some lessons from my son and his teammates.

1. If you feel called to do something SHOW UP and start getting it done. Don’t blame others for what you never start doing.

2. Learn to do what you are called to do so you can be the most effective!

3. You can’t do it all. We need each other! Learning to work with people that don’t look like, think like, or have the same gifts and talents as you can make a great team.

4. If the ultimate goal is to win, to grow and succeed it means we need people with various backgrounds to succeed. If everyone has the mindset achieving the goal should not be a problem.

5. Kids come to play football and they don’t judge their teammates on race, political preference or religion. They don’t look down on others because they know they can’t win alone. What if we chose the best person without looking at the things that divide us?

5. Kids know they are required to do their part and that means in order for the team to win. Running backs must run, some set screens, and others block. In other words we can’t look at others we must look at ourselves…. are we doing our part to make the world better?

6. Kids want to improve and do better so they listen to their coaches and learn new techniques to help them improve. We must be open for constructive criticism and become lifetime learners. No one knows it all.

7. Game day it’s game time and whatever they have learned in practice they show up leaving all they have on the field. Every day is a gift from God show up with a positive attitude and ready to be and do your best.

8. These kids encourage each other with High 5’s and jumps when their teammate gets a tackle, turnover or touchdown. They realize it may not have been them but all of those things help the team. Encourage others when they are up or down. Push them to keep going.

So what can we learn from the team?

Encourage others even if it’s not your win this time. One day it will be. We should all be on the same team!

Never stop learning. If you stop learning you will stop growing. Learn to accept constructive criticism. No one is perfect and there is always room for improvement.

Your team should not include everyone that looks thinks and acts like you. You must include people that are different to create the best team.

Judging people by race religion political preference only does a disservice to you. Being able to have others from a variety of backgrounds will only improve your collaboration and open you up to becoming more effective!

If we see life through the eyes of the teammates we will become better adults!

Y’all keep it POP POP! NON STOP!


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