Ty Ziglar

I was born to be a game changer, bridge builder, to encourage and inspire. It is my goal to encourage women to live the life they were called to live and not the one they have settled for.

My connection to women doesn’t come from a book or from my degrees.  It comes from my life experiences as a military wife, mom to four kids, a woman that has made lots of mistakes, filled with many imperfections, yet determined to walk out her calling.

I am now turning my messes into my messages.

Over the years, I have struggled in the areas of finances, marriage, identity, purpose, and my health. I have been up, down, and all around.   My journey taught me many lessons about God, myself, and life. It is my belief that our lessons are meant to be shared to help others.  It is through our sharing that others find hope and encouragement that they too can overcome.


My desire is to serve those whom I am called to serve and impact, while continuing to learn and grow as an individual and walk in my purpose.

When I am not working, you will probably find me running to ball games, practices, talking, baking cakes for my husband, talking some more, doing housework, or sneaking in a bit of me time for hair and nails. Did I mention talking?

I love doing life with my husband Sharn as we parent our children Breana, Reagan, Malcolm, and Matthew.  I am committed to living my life and loving it no matter the circumstance.

I can’t leave out that above all things, I love God and I enjoy spending time praying and in His word.

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My why

In all that I do, I love God. I dedicate this blog and my very being to my “NANA” (my grandama).

She was a woman of strength to endure and her willingness to keep going despite her circumstance. My Nana did not sit around and complain. You would find her working, serving, laughing, cracking jokes until of course she took her last breath.

It is from her that I inherited my red lipstick, the strength to endure in hard times, my gift to make others laugh by saying the craziest things, and my desire to serve others in my own way.

I will never forget being at a prayer service and a woman that was not aware of my grandmothers passing came up to me.  She prayed.  The next thing she said brought tears to my eyes.  She said …. I see your grandmother…. She meant a lot to you and I said yes, she did (she was my heart).  She said she is looking down on you.  She loves you and you need to go forth in what God is calling you to do.

As I wept uncontrollably, she said…. I see you on a platform speaking and ministering to women.  This was not the first time it had been spoken to me but there was something about her mentioning my grandma, me, and women in the same sentence that made those words ring very loud in my ear.

It was then when I once again knew and recognized the importance of legacy and purpose.  I have endured many things over these 42 years.   I have always found the courage and strength to keep going or to get back up. I believe it is the strength from God and the strength I saw modeled from my grandmother.  Her courage, faith, and boldness to keep going has now given me the strength to stand.

My desire to continue and to leave a legacy comes from knowing the purpose God has called me to and knowing my Nana is looking down on me.  I hope she is proud.

While I have not arrived, I am on my way to leaving a legacy, just as my Nana left for me.

Nana you will always hold a special place in my heart.  Until we meet again …. I’ll continue with my red lipstick.

In case you are wondering where my logo came from.  It came from my Nana.  She loved red lipstick.  To me it represents boldness, courage, strength, and most of all legacy.


Together We Make Family

While we have our own unique personalities, in my eyes we make a perfect family.



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