If I could just conquer and overcome this one thing.   Boy, that would be great!  If you are like me, sometimes the struggle is real.   You know, the challenges that seem like you will never be able to conquer. The setbacks and failures from the past have brought discouragement.  Honestly, it seems like it is easier to ignore the struggle and you know “JUST LIVE WITH IT”.


I can admit that overcoming the goal would be amazing. The achievement would be phenomenal but am I ready to take another shot at working on my diet and making better food choices?  That is the question?


Friends I struggle with food. My lack of discipline, and my past failures make me not want to attempt eating heathier again.   Let me just tell you I LOVE CAKE!  SWEETS ARE MY FAVORITE!    Eating fried chicken, make your own pizza, and subs are just convenient for a woman like me that’s on the go.




Now even before making the first change I have already told myself how hard it is.  I have already reminded myself of my last few attempts.  Truth be told with this attitude and mindset I have FAILED before beginning.  I know I need to change.  I really do.


After struggling for many years, I finally became consistent with working out. That’s only part of the battle.  It’s time to become more discipline in my eating because if I don’t my working out is in vain. So, instead of focusing on my failures I asked myself why was is this important and what benefit would I receive from making better choices.


I thought I would share a few of my answers:

  1. Eating healthier would definitely improve my energy levels
  2. I would lose weight and inches which would also improve my health
  3. I would have more confidence and it would be less difficult and cheaper to buy clothes


So, my friends, I have once again decided to work on changing my eating and improve my overall health.  I am confident in this …. We can never change what we will not confront.  I also believe I desire miracles from God that I can’t do.  Some things are completely within my ability. It’s just whether I make the decision to overcome.

My question for you today is what are you willing to confront that you too may overcome?

Come on Let’s do this together!  I am ready are you!

Stay tuned as I update you weekly on my progress!