Daughter's of the King

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Daughter’s of the King- that’s who we women are.  The trials and stresses of life can sometimes make us forget those words.  For some, they don’t know they are a Daughter of the King because they have never been told.  Whatever the case, my goal and mission is to let women know that no matter the situation or circumstance in your life right now …. You are and always will be a Daughter of the King.  You are loved, you have value, you have worth and your today does not define your tomorrow.

As I travel through my day to day journey, God often gives me the privilege of encountering some amazing women.  Some are executives, business owners, stay at home moms, prostitutes, and homeless women.  Some are churched, while others are not.  In God’s eyes, He sees them as His daughters.  It is my goal that as God places women in my path and as they share their stories and difficult seasons with me, that I can leave them with a gift. A gift that would be a reminder to them that no matter what, you are a Daughter of the King.


I need your help to make this happen.  My goal is to distribute a minimum of 100 shirts by the end of the year.  I know this is bold, but I believe that God is going to exceed my expectations. This is my mission.  The is the burden that God has placed on my heart.  This is an assignment that I am excited to fulfill.


Each woman will receive a t-shirt, wrist band, and a word of encouragement from the one and only…. YOU GUESSED IT!  YOU!  With each shirt donated I am asking that you send a few words of encouragement that might be attached to the back of the shirt.  Think about the words others have said to you during your difficult seasons.  These shirts will be prayed over before distribution.  My goal is for that to take place on October 15.  We will declare God’s love, mercy, grace, peace, protection, and blessing upon each woman that receives one.


The gift cost is $20.00.  You can purchase by going to my website at www.tyziglar.com.  You will find it under the store tab.  There is an option for you to buy one and donate one.  We all know women that have found themselves in a difficult season. We all need a reminder of who we are.


Shipments will be mailed once shirts are prayed over on October 15. I appreciate your support and may God continue to bless you exceedingly and abundantly more than you can ask for or think!


If you are interested in praying over the shirts with me and preparing the items for distribution, I would love for you to join us!  Email me at ty@tyziglar.com.


Be Blessed and Keep it POPPIN

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