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Oh, how I love stories that motivate, inspire, and encourage me to keep going and pursuing my purpose.  That is exactly what you will find here.  Everyday people doing extraordinary things.  I will be sharing stories and testimonies of individuals overcoming obstacles while others made the decision to defy the odds and LIVE an extraordinary life.  It is my goal that these stories will encourage you to live the life you were called to live and not the one you have settled for!



Face Book Live with Mrs. Green

Encouragement to women that you are not alone.  Marriage takes work but you can work it!

There is Power in our story. God can turn a mess into a message. Learning to let go and forgive is the best gift we can give to ourselves.

Listen to my story of how God performed a miracle in my life.  Stepparenting isn't easy.  It defiantly isn't when the child is willing to do anything to live with her biological mother..... BUT GOD!

Two Moms One Daugther.....

Listen to our story as we share our 16 year journey.  God can turn a mess into a miracle.  We went from not being able to have a conversation to spending Christmas together.


Gettin Fit with Bev

Listen as Bev shares tips on gettin Fit and Fabulous. She shares tips on exercise and food